Strategies to Help Overcome Professional License Issues Caused by an Alabama DUI

Strategies to Help Overcome Professional License Issues Caused by an Alabama DUI

Being arrested for driving under the influence can change your life in countless ways. One of the most worrying outcomes of a DUI is its ability to derail your career. If you hold a professional license, there’s a good chance that your licensing board has strict requirements regarding discipline after criminal charges. Licensing boards in Daphne, AL view drinking and driving as a serious lapse in judgment, one severe enough to question the individual’s ability to make safe and sound professional decisions. 

If you’re facing DUI charges, do not underestimate how seriously your licensing board will approach this situation. You must be proactive and take steps to protect your career and your future. Call Coumanis & York at 251-336-3121 to discuss your options with our DUI defense attorneys. 

The Importance of Immediate Legal Assistance

First, you should consider legal assistance your first step, not your last resort. Too many people seek out the help of an attorney only after exhausting every potential DIY legal remedy. Unfortunately, in doing so, they have generally made damning statements to police and licensing board officials, damaged their own case, and made it far harder for their lawyers to protect them from the worst outcomes of a DUI. Talking to a lawyer should be your top priority after an arrest. 

Proving Your Rehabilitation and Fitness for Licensure 

Licensing boards do not expect perfection out of professionals. They know that mistakes and errors in judgment occur. What they are generally looking for is proof that your mistake was truly just a one-time mistake, not a pattern of unsafe or reckless behavior. You can show your commitment to your rehabilitation and well-being by taking your DUI charges seriously. That may mean attending rehabilitation or alcohol treatment programs, since drinking and driving may point to alcohol issues. Immediately addressing underlying concerns can protect you from further issues. 

You should also take steps to prove that this is out of character for you. You may want to gather evidence on your community service, your commitment to the population you serve, and your standing within the community. 

Finally, do not try to downplay your actions or blame them on other people. You cannot convince your licensing board that your DUI wasn’t serious—in doing so, you’ll just show them that you don’t think it’s serious, and that makes it an even bigger problem for them. 

Reviewing and Committing to Board Requirements and Expectations 

Licensing boards in Alabama make their bylaws and standards available online, so it’s easy to look into their expectations for your field and the potential consequences that arise after criminal charges. You may also want to look into different types of disciplinary action they may take. Most people automatically jump to the termination of their license, but there are generally many steps leading up to that.  

You may have to practice with supervision, work while on professional probation, go through counseling with a mentor, have your license temporarily suspended, or have your professional duties limited for a set period of time. Knowing what to expect can eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with this entire situation. 

Focusing on Your Future and Your Education 

Working with an attorney can help alleviate some of your worries as you strive to protect your professional license. It’s best to approach the licensing board with solemnity and an understanding of how you’ve failed to uphold your professional standards. However, you should also have a plan for the future. Be ready to explain how you’ll ensure that you won’t make the same mistake again, how you have grown from the experience, and how you plan to continue your growth as a professional. Licensing boards aren’t generally looking for any excuse they can to dismiss one of their licensees, so be ready to show them that you deserve to keep advancing in your career. 

Start Your Case with Coumanis & York 

Your first call after an Alabama DUI should be the criminal defense team at Coumanis & York. We understand how much is at stake, and we are committed to helping you work through this difficult time. Take the first step now and set up a consultation by reaching out online or calling us at 251-336-3121. 

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