Federal Prison

Strategic Approaches for Staying Out of Federal Prison

If you’ve been arrested on federal charges, you likely know how much is at stake. Federal crimes generally come with incredibly stiff penalties, including costly fees, restitution, and extensive prison time. If your crimes involved misusing a position of authority or classified information for your own benefit, it’s also possible that your career as you know it is over. That’s why it is so important to be proactive about federal charges and talk to a Mobile, AL criminal defense attorney with experience in federal crimes.

We know how important your freedom is and how much stress you’re under right now. We’re here to investigate your case and build the strongest defense possible. Get started now by calling us at 251-336-3491.


Choosing Effective Legal Counsel

Perhaps the most important part of protecting yourself from federal prison is choosing your legal representation wisely. While a criminal defense lawyer who focuses largely on state-level crimes may do an excellent job on those cases, they’re very, very different from federal cases. Federal crimes are often investigated by multiple federal agencies, all of which have sizable budgets and a lot of legal weight to throw around. Furthermore, the penalties associated with federal crimes are often far steeper than those that come with state crimes.

Working with a Mobile, AL attorney with extensive experience in federal crimes can help you feel much more confident about your options. The right lawyer will fully understand the agencies involved in your case, the strength of the case against you, and the penalties likely to be levied against you. Their past experience will be useful as they explore different defense options for you.


Exploring Rehabilitation Programs and Restitution

When the court looks at the charges against you and the case presented by the prosecution, they take a wide range of factors into account. Your remorse and efforts to make things right could go a long way in helping you stay out of prison.

Depending on the charges you’re facing, you may want to look into rehabilitation programs that can help you tackle the root causes of what landed you in this position. Possible options include drug or alcohol addiction treatment, anger management, and mental health treatment. Doing this on your own before being court-ordered to do so shows initiative and willingness to change on your part.

You should also keep in mind that a guilty verdict may involve paying restitution to those who suffered financial or other losses because of your actions. Again, this is an area where being proactive can work to your advantage. Showing that you regret what you did and that you want to make the victims whole may sway the court and help you stay out of federal prison. Depending on the charges against you, this may mean paying restitution to specific people or doing work to improve the community as a whole.


Early Intervention is Crucial

There is nothing more essential than acting early when you are facing federal charges. You’re already at a disadvantage, as federal agencies conduct their investigations very discreetly while you’re going about your business. By the time you’re aware of the charges against you, they already have a massive head start. The longer you wait to seek legal representation and address your situation head-on, the more of a head start they have.

Your attorney can help intervene early on your behalf and get a read on the case against you. They may be able to seek out options other than going to court—and if that’s not an option, they can at least begin crafting your defense so you have a fair shot.

Once you have an attorney you trust, they can provide further guidance related to the sentencing guidelines for your charges, possible alternatives that may keep you out of prison, and holes in the prosecution’s case.


Protect Yourself with the Team at Coumanis & York

Ignoring the legal issues you are facing will not make them go away; it will only make them worse. Instead, set up a time to talk to the team at Coumanis & York. Whatever charges you’re up against, we’re committed to advocating for you and helping you stay out of prison. Get started by calling our Daphne office at 251-336-3121, calling our Mobile office at 251-336-3491, or contacting us online.

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