the role of family court in child custody cases in Daphne, Alabama

The Role of Family Court in Child Custody Cases

​Family courts decide a range of domestic issues, such as divorce and child custody. Many people will hire a family lawyer in Daphne, AL, to try mediation instead of bringing the matter to court. Unfortunately, not everyone can reach an agreement this way, and so it becomes the responsibility of the family court to make a ruling on several important issues.


If a family court takes a case, it is most likely that a judge will preside over the trial without the assistance of a jury, since that is most common in the United States. The judge’s job is to get as clear a picture of the situation as possible. This means speaking to all sides, especially the children, to get all perspectives. He may also look into how the child is doing in school or assign other neutral third parties like doctors or social workers to evaluate the situation. He will try to figure out what would be the most stable and healthy environment for the child, because the child’s wellbeing is his first priority.

Related Issues

If you use family court services in Daphne, AL, the courts may decide more than just who has custody of the children. They may also rule on issues like visitation rights or child support if the two parties are unable to come to an arrangement themselves.

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