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Divorce and Your Children’s College Funding

For many divorcing couples, their children’s college funding is a priority during negotiations. It makes sense—college, even if your children attend public institutions, can be expensive. It’s often prohibitively expensive for children who don’t get parental support. If you’re determined to have your ex-partner pay for all or part of your children’s college education after […]

How to Divorce a Millionaire

Divorce is stressful, anxiety-inducing, and painful—and that’s in the best-case scenario. When you’re divorcing someone with substantial assets, however, the stakes are even higher. You’re preparing to split from someone who can likely outspend you legally, has more knowledge of their assets than you do, and is determined to protect those assets. When divorcing a […]

Holiday Custody Issues During COVID-19

In case holiday custody struggles weren’t already hard enough, 2020 brought us COVID-19. COVID-19 has highlighted serious disagreements between co-parents, whether they disagree on the severity of COVID-19, how best to keep their children safe from it, or their role in limiting its spread. At the holidays, when many people gather in multi-family celebrations, the […]