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How Will a DUI Affect My Employment Status?

In case it wasn’t enough to have to worry about your driver’s license, your ability to pay massive penalties, and the possibility of going to jail, you also have to worry about losing your job after a DUI. The decision to get behind the wheel of a car while impaired can impact every area of […]

Can a DUI Be Expunged in Alabama?

With the laws regarding expungement changing in Alabama multiple times over the last several years, those who have been arrested or convicted of driving under the influence might wonder if they have a chance at a fresh start. Learn more about DUI expungement in Alabama, if it’s an option for you, and what your next […]

The Impact of Social Media on Your Legal Case

Social media is all around us these days. Most Americans regularly use social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These are very popular sites where people like to share photos, videos, status updates, and news with their family members and friends, and for the most part, they are fun and harmless. When […]