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Protecting Rights in an Era of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology has rapidly gained prominence in American society, found in everything from stores and restaurants to public government buildings. If it feels like something out of Black Mirror, it is—companies use facial recognition technology to understand buying patterns, create buyer profiles, target their advertisements, and gather private data on consumers. This type of […]

What Should I Do If I’m Under a Federal Criminal Investigation?

While news of any criminal investigation is unwelcome, you should be on especially high alert if you’re the target of a federal criminal investigation. Federal agencies have substantial resources at their fingertips, allowing them to conduct incredibly thorough investigations long before a suspect even knows they’re being watched. Furthermore, the consequences of a federal conviction […]

How Does Social Media and Digital Evidence Impact Criminal Defense Strategies in Alabama?

Technology and the widespread popularity of social media have completely transformed the world of criminal investigation. What could once be done without leaving a trace is now easy to prove thanks to IP-based geolocation, social media tracking, and other types of digital evidence. If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s likely that digital evidence […]

Strategic Approaches for Staying Out of Federal Prison

If you’ve been arrested on federal charges, you likely know how much is at stake. Federal crimes generally come with incredibly stiff penalties, including costly fees, restitution, and extensive prison time. If your crimes involved misusing a position of authority or classified information for your own benefit, it’s also possible that your career as you […]