The Effects of Digital Life and Social Media on Divorce

The Effects of Digital Life and Social Media on Divorce Proceedings

We live in a world where almost nothing goes undocumented. Every proposal has the potential to turn into a viral video, every funny quip made by a cute kid becomes a TikTok sound, and every public outburst can end in angry strangers tracking down their name and phone number. It should come as no surprise, then, that your digital life can have a very real impact on your ongoing divorce case.

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How Social Media Can Affect Proceedings

Social media can either hurt you during divorce proceedings or be a neutral presence; it’s unlikely to do much to help you, simply because it’s so easy to manipulate the image you put on these platforms. However, social media can do a lot to help you if your ex is an active user. This is especially true if you are seeking a fault-based divorce for infidelity or another form of mistreatment.

If your ex or their affair partner are public about their relationship, that can help you secure the proof you need for your divorce. Additionally, if your ex is public about their spending habits, this may assist you if you’re fighting for child support or alimony. In many cases, a high-earning spouse is quick to say that they don’t have the money needed to support their ex-spouse and children—even if a quick look at their Facebook disproves that. You may also look into social media evidence if you suspect that your ex is hiding assets.

Unfortunately, social media can also make your divorce much messier than it needs to be. Public spats between partners, in-laws, and mutual friends can make it far harder for divorcing couples to co-parent effectively and negotiate a fair settlement. These public disputes can also seriously harm your reputation with the judge handling your case.

Don’t Forget Your Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is far larger than you think it is. It is incredibly easy to trace forum posts, social media posts, blog posts, and more back to their user. Complaints that you make about your ex, underhanded divorce advice you request from others who have been divorced, attempts to keep them from their children, or other frowned-upon activities can put your entire case in jeopardy. While it’s important to get support during this challenging time, consider getting it from a therapist or real-life friend rather than airing your dirty laundry online.

Ongoing Challenges with Digital Evidence

Digital evidence has its flaws, which is why it’s important to discuss your legal options with an attorney and avoid creating an entire legal strategy based on one type of evidence. For example, consider a social media account you know is tied to your ex-spouse. On it, they talk about how they’re going to spend all of their marital money before you can get your hands on it, ask for full custody so you have to pay them child support, and actively engage in parental alienation.

You’ll have a hard time proving that it’s their account unless you have extremely strong evidence tying them to other accounts they openly claim. Additionally, consider how easily screenshots and other forms of evidence can be doctored. For any of your evidence to hold up in court, you must be able to verify its validity in a way that satisfies the court.

Proper Use of Digital Evidence

Digital evidence is a powerful tool in a divorce, but you have to use it appropriately. This is one reason you need a Mobile divorce attorney—they can make the best use of your evidence, ensure that it’s acceptable for use in court, and figure out how to leverage it during negotiations. Evidence improperly stored, documented, or collected could be useless in your case.


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