juvenile criminal defense in Daphne, Alabama

Hiring a Lawyer for Juvenile Criminal Cases

No one wants to be in a situation where they have to hire an attorney. But, in the event that it happens, it’s best to hire one in the early stages of an investigation, especially in juvenile cases.  The legal system is complex, and prosecutors and district attorneys know how to maneuver it in such a way that most people without legal expertise cannot keep up.

When to hire

It’s crucial that a lawyer be retained as soon as possible if your juvenile child is being interrogated by authorities.  Juveniles often don’t understand the scope of their actions and their situations.  This weakness can be exploited and used against a defendant.  The longer a juvenile remains in questioning, the higher the likelihood they may confess to something erroneously, or will say something that can negatively impact their case.  Hesitating to contact a lawyer can cause extreme issues.

Who to hire

In legal matters, it’s best that you get a local lawyer.  If you have connections in other cities, they may not help you, because they aren’t familiar with the intricacies of the local laws.  Additionally, they may not have experience in local courtrooms.  Local lawyers often have relationships with judges which can positively affect the outcome of your case.

If you find your child in the unfortunate situation of needing legal help, it’s best to seek a juvenile criminal defense attorney in Daphne, AL, as soon as possible. At Coumanis & York PC, we specialize in defending juveniles against criminal cases. Visit our law firm now to schedule your free initial consultation!

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