How to Talk to Your Children about Divorce

Divorce is a time of transition, and transition brings stress. While dealing with the stress of the unknown, your mind is flooded with questions. How do I find the best family law attorney in Foley, AL? How do I handle the close friendships that I share with my spouse? And above all, how do I talk to my kids about the divorce?

One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to gather information. Here we’ve gathered 3 of the most important guidelines to follow when talking to your kids during this time. Each one can be adapted to your unique parenting style and family.

Listen more than you talk

Children deal with the stress in different ways. They may react differently than you expect. In order to ensure that you address their true feelings and concerns, hear them out. Ask open ended questions, and let them know you’re listening

Make sure they know that these difficult times aren’t permanent.

Focus on the temporary nature of the stress and problems you’re facing now. This approach will help your kids develop a perspective of strength and perseverance. You may not know what the future looks like exactly, but you can help them focus on the constants. Both of their parents will continue to love them. Some routines will not change.

Don’t keep them in the dark

Overall, the more information your kids have about the things that impact them during this time, the better. The more clarity you can provide, the more secure they will feel. Do keep them outside of the conflict, but don’t keep them in the dark.

Remember that many families come out of stressful times stronger than ever!

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