The Justice System’s Role in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence has only been considered a violation of the law for a relatively short amount of time. For this reason, and because it’s often hard to gather evidence or even testimony, it’s a very complicated field. The most important thing to know, however, is that the law does strive to protect anyone being abused inside their homes or out of them. Most lawyers, such as ones who work in family law or a DUI criminal defense attorney in Daphne, AL can explain the specifics of your case to you, but we have a few general points to keep in mind.

Police Response

Every police station has its own procedure to follow in the case of domestic violence reports, but they always follow up on these reports and take action if necessary to ensure the safety of families or individuals. They are also required to document details about the incident whether they make an arrest, which is helpful if you ever take a case to court.

Court Cases

Domestic violence is a criminal case, and anyone who commits this crime will be prosecuted even if the victim no longer wishes to press charges. Depending on the nature of the abuse, it can either be classified as a felony or a misdemeanor with a wide range of potential sentences for each of these. However, that is not necessarily the end of the court’s involvement. Your DUI defense attorney in Daphne, AL, can help you if you want to create an additional civil case. For instance, you may want a divorce or a restraining order, and legal counsel is always helpful in these situations.

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